“Strong Body,
Inspired Mind,
and Balanced Life

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Welcome to Core Fitness and Nutrition

...where intelligence meets intensity, providing the best exercise experiences available! At Core Fitness, we bring together the very best methods of training, expert instructors, and an incredible atmosphere of support, motivation, and community.

Individualized Attention

At Core Fitness, we cap our membership base, ensuring small class sizes, and individualized attention. Our instructors know each of our students, know their goals, and know how to motivate and support you to your own “Strong Body, Inspired Mind, and Balanced Life”!

Core Based Programs

A strong core is the absolute foundation of a strong body. Building this foundation will provide you with the groundwork for functional fitness that will change the way you look, move and feel! Come and see the difference at Core Fitness!

Core Fitness Introduces Pilates Workouts! With Sarah Bibeau

Pilates Video Lesson 1 - Focus on Legs

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CORE Programs

Personal Training

Transform your body, Transform your life! Core Fitness & Nutrition is a private personal training studio that offers a comfortable environment — a place where clients can focus on their own workouts without distraction. Sarah’s training methods are designed to help each client achieve his or her own fitness and wellness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible — all in a safe and positive environment.

The Ride

The Ride at Core Fitness is a calorie torching, total body strengthening, intensely fun and unique cardio workout!

You will not find cycling classes like this ANYWHERE! Come and sweat with us! 


Is a method of exercise that focuses on the “core” muscles of the body, and promotes total body strength from the inside out. The Pilates method teaches mindfulness, and the use of breath in movement. Practicing Pilates strengthens, lengthens, and tones the entire body. With regular practice, your posture, movement, and athletic performance are dramatically transformed!

Core Power

Looking for results? Core power blends the intelligence of Pilates, with the intensity of power and strength intervals, for an unbeatable muscle building, fat torching workout!

Core Circuit

Core Circuit is an intense hour of hard core body weight work, stability work, pull-ups, box jumps, and everything in between…..all with the expert guidance of your instructor to push you to your limits while maintaining proper form and movement!

Yoga Strength Fusion

This class blends the focus and breathe of Yoga, with more powerful strength movements for a fantastic flow workout!

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